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We are honored that Palisades Pitstop was selected for 2019 Best of Pacific Palisades Award for our trash bin cleaning service!

Since we are Palisades residents, keeping our neighborhoods clean and odor-free is important to us - it is a large part of our vision.

We are the #1 trash bin cleaning service in the Greater Los Angeles area. Servicing single family, apartment buildings, condos, educational facilities, and businesses.

What is trash bin cleaning?

Trash bin cleaning is a service that is quickly gaining popularity in the United States. As more cities take responsibility for reducing waste, city-wide trash and recycling programs become the norm. Many of these programs include using standardized bins for trash, recycling, compost, and yard trimmings.

Over time, the bins become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. They can also become home to maggots, rodents, and other pests. When left curbside, neighbors often use the closest bin they find to toss dog poop bags. Much to the dismay of homeowners, bins quickly get filthy and start to smell.

Palisades Pitstop trash can cleaning truck pulls up to homes curbside. With 190-degree water, our self-contained truck lifts bins in to wash, sanitize, and deodorize them. Once cleaned, the bins look and smell brand new.

Watch our truck in action here!

What are the benefits of trash bin cleaning?

Our customers report that one of the biggest benefits is the convenience the service allows. After trash collection, Palisades Pitstop’s state-of-the-art truck goes right to our customers’ homes to clean bins before they are put away.

Bins are left looking and smelling like new, which can be a great relief to customers. Not only is it one less thing for them to do, but it is also usually the last thing people want to worry about. It is an unpleasant task that is better suited for a machine to handle.

Customers love the service because it is:




Is the service available in my area?

Palisades Pitstop’s trash bin cleaning service is available throughout Greater Los Angeles.

New customers can conveniently sign-up online or by calling 310-573-WASH (9274). You are also welcomed to stop into the car wash to sign up in person.

We look forward to serving you!

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