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Meet the Millers

The Miller family, Photos by Rich Schmitt/Staff Photographer


Kevin and Lindsey Recently Purchased Palisades

Pitstop and Added a Trash Bin Cleaning Service

After moving to Pacific Palisades in 2012 and buying a house in The Highlands in 2013, the Millers were searching to buy a family business in the neighborhood.

Enter Palisades Pitstop Car Wash & Trash Bin Cleaning Service—a car wash and detail service, which includes a newly added trash bin cleaning, an onsite or state-of-the-art truck delivery service to clean trash bins. Their opportunity first came when Kevin and Lindsey Miller purchased Palisades Pitstop in February. The entrepreneurial Kevin read about the 34-year-old business and approached the owner to see if he would consider selling. He saw a business with “good bones, a great team and changes that could be made,” Kevin explained to the Palisadian Post.

The couple’s contagious enthusiasm toward their business is evident. Soon, it was going so well the Millers were looking to expand again, so they launched the trash bin and cleaning service in June.

“He and I felt very strongly that it’s a family business that the whole family could partake,” Lindsey shared with the Post about the delivery service.

After a decade of marriage and four boys, Max, 9; Dillon, 6; Wyatt, 5; and Duke 1, along with their two dogs, Archie and Amanda, the trash bin service felt like the right fit to add to the Pitstop, the couple’s first business venture together.

Originally from Ohio, Kevin came out to Los Angeles at 26 and immediately wrangled himself a job at Westside Rentals where he became part equity owner before it was sold to 17 years later.

Lindsay was born and raised in Boston and an interior designer before she became a full-time mom for nine years.

Kevin announced new features of the Pitstop, including a remodeled website with online booking, so customers no longer have to drive by to see if it’s busy.

It gives customers an easy way choose their service, select times, and take advantage of specials.

The couple are also are trying to add simple touches, such as placing a complimentary water bottle in the console when people pick up their cars.

Lindsey coordinates all the routes for the truck, and she’s the creative director of both Palisades Pitstop Car Wash & Trash Bin Cleaning Service while handling the paperwork, too.

She said she enjoys finding the balance in being a working mom and loves how, as a family, they are immersed in the community in a whole new way.

As a mom, Lindsey loved the trash bin idea because it meant she could ask her boys to take out the garbage and not worry about the risks associated with the chore, including disease, cross contamination, insect infestations and other health hazards.

The family fondly calls the truck “Rose,” and in a family of four boys, it is their 14,000-pound girl. Kevin loves the state-of-the-art features; for instance, it shoots out water at close to 190 degrees.

Both services operate out of 15233 ½ La Cruz Drive in Pacific Palisades. The delivery service now offers their trash can service to Malibu, Brentwood, Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon.

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Source: Palisadian Post

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