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Since 1985, Los Angeles residents have depended on Palisades Pitstop Car Wash and Detailing to take meticulous care of their vehicles. 


When we bought the car wash, we promised to uphold this reputation through our commitment to providing top notch service. We are Palisades residents who take great pride in serving our local community.


Since taking over the Pitstop Car Wash, we have also become the Top-Rated Curbside Trash Bin Cleaning Service in Greater Los Angeles. 


Already popular in major cities worldwide, trash bin cleaning services will soon be widespread throughout Greater Los Angeles and beyond. We are proud to pave the way for such a useful and affordable service as it becomes a standard of living across the country.


Our Car Wash and Trash Bin Cleaning customers rely on our highly trained team to deliver excellent results. We use only premium products and ensure that our equipment is state-of-the-art.


Our commitment to provide reliable and high quality results to our customers is reflected in everything we do. 





Pacific Palisades Pitstop | The #1 Trash Bin Cleaning Service in Los Angeles, California

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