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Trash Bin & Dumpster Cleaning  

Our state-of-the-art trucks disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your bins and dumpsters with 190 degree water to leave them looking and smelling great. We service residential bins and commercial dumpsters.

It's the best and most convenient way to eliminate filth, germs, bacteria, flies, maggots and spiders. We are eco-friendly, and service Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County.

We service Homeowners, Restaurants, Property Management, HOA's, Hotels, Municipalities, Grocery Stores, Schools and Businesses.

Sign up at or call 833-WASH-BINS (833-927-4246). 

Palisades Pitstop
100% Hand Wash & Detail

Palisades Pitstop has over two decades of experience delivering high-quality 100% hand washing and auto detailing services to customers throughout the Westside.  

We service everything from cars and trucks to RV's, boats, motorcycles and commercial fleets. We are the most trusted name in car washing and detailing on the Westside.

Book online or call today 310-573-WASH (310-573-9274).

Palisades Pitstop | Trash Bin Cleaning Service and Car Wash in Los Angeles, CA

“The truck came and did a great job! The driver really put some TLC into the cans.”

"Just had our first trash bin cleaning service and highly recommend. Great customer service and detail to work. Scheduling is super easy and on your cleaning day service is as easy as leaving your cans curbside."

Alana Z.

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